TAC-NQ can assess your current business training needs and provide strategic advice on how to ensure your business remains compliant and minimise training related risks.


Managers generally understand that there is a defined need to ensure staff are adequately trained in the work they are performing. However this also applies to things that are sometimes "assumed" skills, like manual handling.

To protect staff from injury and the business from legislative liability (prosecution under the WHS Act), adequate training MUST be provided. The only effective method of ascertaining what training is required, is by conducting a formal "Training Needs Analysis" or - TNA . This is also critical step towards minimising the risk of a business being unduly limited operation due to inadequate training of staff.

TAC-NQ can conduct a strategic Training Needs Analysis for your business to ensure that contingency plans can be activated in the event of absence, sickness or unexpected resignations.

TAC-NQ can provide

  • Induction Training and Presentations

  • Induction Training Checklists

  • Training and competency Registers

  • Training Manuals

  • Strategic Training Needs Analysis