TAC-NQ  provides full Accident, Incident and Injury management. 

The single largest risk of financial burden / loss a business is exposed to is personal injury and subsequent legal costs, including common law claims.

Ineffective management of the smallest of injuries can lead to extensive costs which include

  • Lost Productivity

  • Sick Leave

  • Medical expenses

  • WorkCover Claims

  • WorkCover Premium increase

  • Associated management costs

  • Common Law claims

  • Personal Liability of Supervisory Personnel /  Managers

  • Legal Expenses

  • Loss of contracts / contracted works due to poor safety management / performance records


TAC-NQ believes that providing immediate control of all Accidents, Incidents and Injuries, regardless of the size, provides the business with the best possible chance of controlling the situation and reducing exposure.

Accidents & Incidents

Injury Management

Emergency Response