TAC-NQ is a North Queensland based business owned and operated By Dave and Megan Price.

Dave has been in Safety and Quality since 1998 after suffering a broken back during RAAF pilot training. His career as a pilot was cut short and the accident pushed his interest into workplace injury and subsequently a career in Health, Safety and Quality. 

Qualifications include

  • Diploma of Quality Management

  • Diploma of Workplace Health and Safety

  • Advanced Diploma of Personnel Management

  • Diploma of Government Management 

He has worked in various industries, including

  • Aviation

  • Construction

  • Demolition and Asbestos

  • Military

  • Automotive

  • Heavy Vehicle Maintenance

  • Light Industrial

  • Energy and Utilities

  • Telecommunications

  • Mining and Mineral Processing

  • Manufacturing and Production

  • Amusements and Recreation

Dave has a passion for safety and an ability to produce easy to follow policies and procedures that are compliant with complex legislative requirements.

Dave's Ethos is

"Safety management needs to be approached in a practical manner and balanced against the regulatory requirements of the industry.  Systems must be simple enough to work and comprehensive enough to provide suitable outcomes" 

Megan has been involved in the construction industry since 2007 a workplace trainer and assessor since 2007 . 

Megan holds qualifications including 

  • Diploma of Quality Management

  • Cert IV Workplace health and Safety

  • Diploma of Children Services

  • Cert IV Business Administration


She has been involved in the Asbestos removal industry since 2010 and holds certificates in A class, B class and as a Supervisor.


Megan's focus has been largely Quality, Safety and Management Systems  


She has worked in various industries, including

  • Construction

  • Demolition and Asbestos

  • Light Industrial

  • Manufacturing and Production

  • Amusements and Recreation

  • Retail and Pharmacy 

  • Residential Realty 

  • Finance and Business Administration

  • Training and Education 

  • Children Services 

Megan has a passion for Quality and her training and assessing background ensures a focus on communication, ensuring people understand what is required of them and documentation and procedures are targeted.

Megan's Ethos is

"Leadership and Communication are the two most important aspect of effective Quality management.  Lead by example and understand that every businesses most valuable asset is its employees. Quality management is as much about what you do, as it is about how you do it."