Safety NQ can provide extensive injury management in close consultation with medical practitioners.

Prompt Injury Management is a critical aspect of ensuring a business does not lose control of a situation should an injury (or claimed injury) occur

Unfortunately, in todays litigious society and the prevalence of "No Win No Fee" legal practices, injury claims have skyrocketed, especially fraudulent claims. Rapid response to even seemingly trivial injuries is a critical step to ensure the interest of your business are protected. Every injury costs a business money, and if not managed correctly, can cost hundreds of thousands.  

Safety NQ is well positioned to provide all aspects of injury management including   

  • Injury reports

  • Rehabilitation and Return to Work Plans

  • Suitable duties Plan

  • Accompanied Dr appointments

  • Review of Injury mechanisms

  • Personnel Files 

  • WorkCover Liaison

  • Written Reports for inclusion in legal proceedings / common law claims

Note - WorkCover is effectively a "no blame" insurance policy, designed to protect the employee in the case of work place injury. ANY claim, WILL result in an increased premium to recover costs. This includes all Medical expenses, Lost Wages and any legal fees incurred should a common law claim be commenced.